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Birthmarks can be beautiful. Some women proudly display the birthmarks that make them unique and serve as signifiers of inner and outer individuality. But other birthmarks can be unsightly, overly conspicuous, or even dangerous. If a birthmark makes you feel self conscious, less beautiful, or ashamed, it is time for that birthmark to go. And if a birthmark such as a mole shows signs of being a health risk, do not delay in ridding yourself of it. The best place for Birthmark Removal in Edgewater and Englewood is the Edgewater and Englewood Cosmetic & Laser Centers, where oculoplastic surgeon Dr. T.G. Khan uses his extensive training to ensure that every procedure is done with utmost attention to detail.

What kind of birth marks should be removed?

Birthmarks can include pigmentation-type marks, such as coffee-colored spots, moles, or ‘Mongolian’┬Ł spots that are the flat, grayish patches usually found only in children. Then there are the macular stains, also known as salmon patches. These thin, pink, flat patches are typical in babies but uncommon in adults. Port wine stains, or vascular malformations, can be found anywhere on the body and tend to darken with time. Some individuals consider these items of concern. Finally, there are hemangiomas, which are lesions that develop on infants and can remain for years or fade away. No matter what type of birthmark you have, the birthmark removal experts at the Edgewater and Englewood Cosmetic & Laser Centers will put you at ease about its origin and any health risks it may or may not pose. Then they will discuss all the options for removal that are appropriate for your individual case.

How is birthmark removal performed?

Birthmark removal can be done in a variety of ways. One safe and effective method is laser therapy. Birthmarks close to the surface of the skin, such as port wine stains and hemangiomas, can be removed in this manner. It may require multiple visits, where short bursts of laser light are used to shrink the birthmark. When laser therapy is contraindicated, surgery is another option for birthmark removal.

Why should I get a birthmark removal procedure with Dr. Khan?

In either case Dr T.G. Khan, board certified physician and fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS), ensures that your birthmark removal process will be a predictable, efficient, and thorough experience. With his extensive training in reconstructive surgery at Albany Medical College, you can rest assured that whether your procedure is simple or complex, Dr. T.G. Khan is qualified and experienced in the procedure you require. Call Edgewater and Englewood Cosmetic & Laser Centers today at 201.313.8899 to set up an initial consultation.

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