Breast Reduction

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We perform breast augmentation surgery as is an in-office procedure to enhance breast size and breast shape. We utilize saline and silicone implants to achieve the desired aesthetic effect. The ultimate goal is to enhance proportions and create an aesthetically-pleasing breast shape. Each procedure is customized and tailored to meet a woman’s individual needs. Breast lifts and enhancements can be completed in office with fat transfers and without surgery. Fat Grafting can enhance your curves with an in office visit. Alternatively saline or silicone breast implants can be used.

During the consultation, our board-certified surgeons will discuss the details of the procedure options and the size and beautiful shape you are looking to achieve.

On the day of the procedure, you should eat a well-balanced, healthy breakfast. The in-office surgical procedure will take approximately 40 minutes to 1-hour to complete. A dilute anesthetic injection of Novacaine will be placed in and around the breast. After carefully placing the small incision in the skin, the chosen implants will be carefully placed in the breast tissue. Once adjusted to ensure symmetry, the incision is closed with dissolving sutures. Your skin will then be cleaned and dried and your procedure will be done. Typically you will wear a sports bra or regular bra afterwards.

You will change back into your clothes and go home. You will maintain taking a well-balanced, healthy diet and take the medications prescribed. You will see your cosmetic surgeon in one week.

Breast augmentation is a safe surgery with long lasting results and the overwhelming majority of patients are very happy they chose to have the procedure done. With over 20 years of surgical experience behind them, our surgeons have a passion for making you look and feel great about yourself.

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