tattoo removalThe absolute best way to remove a tattoo is with a highly-specialized laser.  I have teamed up with a highly-specialized laser company over the past 10 years to offer the most powerful and effective tattoo removal available in the world.

This LaserYourTat powerful laser can remove tattoo ink with little chance of scarring. It delivers pulses of light that last for 10 or 25 billionths of a second. This shatters the ink particles, allowing the body to clear out the smaller fragments.

Tattoo removal requires multiple treatments with at least 4-6 weeks between treatments. Average number of treatments is 6-12. Fading occurs after each treatment and the entire tattoo can be treated each time. Allowing a few more weeks between treatments allows for additional fading.

Generally, 6 to 12 treatments are needed, with homemade tattoos usually fading faster than professional tattoos. Scarring is not common, however temporary discoloration or loss of natural pigment, with long-term lightening of skin color, can also occur.

Treatment hurts about as much as getting a tattoo but is over much faster. Topical numbing cream can be applied for those truly apprehensive customers. Depending on size and color,it usually takes a few minutes to complete.