Okay, so you were a wild child teenager. You loved to live on the edge and truly express who you were. Naturally, you got a tattoo to forever seal your cool factor and free spirited personality. Unfortunately, you were incredibly young and didn’t think of how a Smurf riding a rainbow unicorn would look when you were in your 60’s…or hell, even your 30’s. Who’s going to take a 30 something hungry lawyer seriously with that tattoo coming down your arm. Forget wearing anything without sleeves or not constantly wearing a 3 piece suit. Luckily for you, there’s now a little something called laser tattoo removal.

This month, we’ll feature a new series taking a look deeper into tattoos, what they are, how you get rid of them, and the whole process that’s involved. So without further interruption, I give you our next feature.

Part 6

How does the YAG Laser remove a Tattoo?

The way Q-Switched Laser Tattoo Removal works is by directing specific wave lengths of laser energy at the various ink colors in order to break apart and disseminate the ink particles. These tiny ink fragments can then be cleared up by the body’s scavenging cells, just as any unnecessary or harmful particle would be. The body’s ability to do this depends upon having a strong immune system, so a thorough consultation with Dr. Khan is important to determine whether or not you are a candidate for Laser Tattoo Removal.

For best results, Laser Tattoo Removal does require several sessions, but each session tends to take only a few minutes and is over before you know it. How many sessions you will need depends on the color and depth of the ink level within the skin. Despite the refinement and efficiency of this laser technology, with multiple sessions, there is a chance of short-term blistering at the tattoo site which disappears within a few days. Remember, tattoos were never meant to be removed, so the removal process can be intensive. However, it is a lot easier and straight-forward with the most powerful and effective Laser Tattoo Removal machine on the market: The Focus Medical QS4MAX Q-Switched Yag Laser.