So now we have part 2 of our little Botox special look. Today we’ll go deeper into a few more myths about Botox and fillers. Here’s to hoping more information will help you decide what’s best for you.

Myth #3
Botox is extremely painful and is too stressful for your muscles.

On a scale of 1-10, most patients surveyed only experience a pain scaled of either a 2 or 3. Very minimal. And if we’re being honest, Botox actually does the exact opposite of stress. If you really think about it, your facial muscles are constantly working and never get any down time to rest and relax, even during sleep. Botox helps those hard working muscles take a load off for a little while.

Myth #4
Patients treated with Botox develop some kind of “addiction” to the product.

Botox treatments usually last between 3-6 months and bring no physical addiction. There’s nothing in the product that would make someone addicted to getting it. If anyone does get “addicted” to Botox, it’s something psychological. Bottom line, if you’re not addicted to anything else you get done like hair cuts or waxing, you’re probably not going to be addicted to Botox.