Local anesthesia is safest for liposuction

From the patient’s perspective, local anesthesia for liposuction is a much better choice than general anesthesia. General anesthesia may be more convenient for the surgeon because it reduces the time needed to inject the necessary local anesthetic that is essential to performing liposuction safely. The┬áconstriction of tiny blood vessels is more complete with local anesthesia for liposuction, resulting in less bruising and a faster post-operative recovery.

In addition local anesthesia is nearly 100% safe, whereas general anesthesia can have complications including fatality. Nearly all serious complications associated with liposuction have occurred in the setting of general anesthesia; virtually no complications have been seen when proper tumescent local anesthesia is used.

Before you consider scheduling any procedure you should consult with your surgeon. Deciding on any surgical procedure is a multi-step process. A complete medical history, evaluation and consult with your surgeon is the first step. Your evaluation and medical exam are required to assess your health prior to any procedure.

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